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John Wesley
Founder of the
Methodist Church

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Christ Church Mission Statement:
To make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World.

Christ Church Core Values:
Christ-centered, Vital and lively worship services, Family-oriented, Nurture-focused, and Supportive of mission/outreach initiatives

Christ Church Vision Statement:
We the people of Christ United Methodist Church are…

A Christ-centered community of faith who recognizes that every person is our brother and sister under God’s redeeming love. We strive to be a church for all people with open doors, open hearts and open minds.

A church committed to worship services that are vital and alive, and respond to the spiritual needs of the congregation and our community.

A family-oriented church that seeks to provide for and to involve all ages into every aspect of our church’s life.

A nurture-focused congregation that seeks to make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ through worship, education and service to each other and the community.

A church that strives to support our local, district, and conference mission/outreach programs for the transformation of the world.

Christ Church Goals:

  • To encourage our congregation - through education - to be accepting of and of assistance to all people. This goal can be achieved through Bible studies, lectures on social issues, exposure to and involvement with diverse groups of people, website linkup with community resources, and greeters/ushers training. Resources: GROW, Education and Worship committees.
  • To continue to seek ways to make our church accessible to all people. This goal can be achieved through our Handicap Aids Program and by advertising our current handicap accessibility features. Resources: Board of Trustees and GROW.
  • To provide relevant programs that nurture and meet the needs of our congregation and community. This goal can be achieved by soliciting survey feedback from our congregation. Resources: GROW, Messenger newsletter.
  • To encourage our congregation to participate in local outreach programs by keeping our members informed of available opportunities to put their faith in action. This goal can be achieved by posting information on a designated bulletin board, and by allotting time during worship services for a minute person or participant to advertise opportunities and/or share experiences. Resources: GROW, Mission and Worship committees, bulletin board, worship bulletin and Messenger newsletter.


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